Our railways

We have two dual-gauge tracks.

Both can run 3.5” and 5" gauge trains.

The longer track is one third of a mile long and is used for giving rides to the public.

The shorter track can be used for small locomotives or for testing.

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Our 45mm railway is one of the longest you’ll encounter.

It is double-tracked, with two bridges and two different circuits.

It was built to run Gauge 1 trains, but other scales have run successfully.

The garden railway is the latest venture for the club.

It is called the Sutton and Segrave Light Railway, after two of Southport’s more famous forebears.

It is to 32mm gauge, and can run both 16mm and 0 scale trains.

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Our portable railway goes out and about each summer, to fetes and shows in and around Southport.

It can extend up to 100ft, and operates train rides using a live steam locomotive.

Contact us if you would like the track at your event.